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2it Recruitment for Electronics Hardware and Software Development 

The diversity of Australia’s economy is now extending beyond the export of natural resources. While the nation will continue to mine and export valuable products, it is also emerging as an increasingly dominant player in the electronics market.

According to a survey commissioned by the Sydney-based, electronics design software company Altium, more than 81 percent of companies within this market experienced marked improvements in revenue since 2016.

The news that a wide range of electronics companies are thriving not only boosts the amount of money being reinvested into the economy, but it also creates a more competitive marketplace that empowers Australian start-up ventures. Increasingly, new and evolving electronics companies are capitalising on gaps in a growing market, while laying down the gauntlet to the industry’s leading players in Europe, Japan and the US. Australian electronics firms are particularly capitalizing on the boom in the Internet of Things (IoT) market.  In this respect, the demand for interconnected and wireless devices is almost guaranteed to increase over time.


Australian Electronics Development Recruitment

There are a range of employers in Electronics Development in Australia


Component vendors  such as Sierra Wireless, Telit, U-Blox, Gemalto and Quectel


Outsourced design and production companies such as Ingenuity Electronics Design, LX Group, Elemental Electronics, Extel, Genesys Electronics Design, Procept, Mystic Pants, Amatek.

Design and Manufacturers such as Aristocrat, Resmed, Nuheara, Unisono.


Distributors such as Braemac, Arrow Electronics, Avnet Electronics, Future Electronics and RS Components


Jobs we recruit for in Electronics Development

System Design, Embedded Software Design, Hardware Design, Industrial Design, Solution Architects, Systems Engineer, Field Applications Engineers


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Our clients find it refreshing that

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  • We will be genuine and knock back opportunities where we feel we cannot get the best result..

  • We exhaust every avenue to identify the best talent for the position; we can be innovative and creative in developing new sourcing strategies.

  • Only highly relevant screened candidates will be sent to you, not a flood of average matches.

  • It’s not about the fee but about delivering a successful contributing employee, a happy employee who is culturally matched and skills matched to your environment.

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