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2it Recruitment for Executive Search

The right person for the role is a crucial decision and potentially costly decision for a company to make - especially when it is a senior appointment.

With extensive experience in corporate cultural assimilation we profile and extensively screen the candidate to the client environment before recommending.

Through our network of contacts in the IT&T sector we get the best resources the market has to offer.

Our Methodology

Once engaged we endeavour to gain a thorough understanding of the organisational structure and corporate culture of our client. Hiring managers should be prepared to discuss responsibilities and requirements of the position, reporting relationships, six month to one year objectives for the position and how the successful candidate will be measured.The confidentiality and sensitivity of information will be discussed, particularly if there is an incumbent. In approaching prospective candidates, Non Disclosure Agreements may be applicable.

This information provides the foundation for constructing the position specification. It is critical that the position description and target compensation package are agreed to and “signed off”.

A search strategy will be agreed in which expectations will be aligned regarding the timing of the search process. Within the search strategy will be a “wish list” of target companies that might currently employ a prospective candidate.

Following a thorough screening and referencing process candidates will be presented to the client for review with a summary report of how they meet the positions requirements. Our involvement through the process which includes continual qualification of the candidate’s remuneration expectations shall ensure that when a final offer is extended, it is in line with what both sides have anticipated and leads to a successful outcome.

Recent Senior and Executive engagements

January 14, 2019

Country Manager

Global semiconductor company that creates wireless semiconductors and modules for consumer, automotive and industrial markets.

December 8, 2018

Global Account Manager

Looking after the clients largest account in the region worth over $86 million in sales

January  19, 2019

SA Sales Manager 

Looking after sales and marketing strategy for South Australia for this global IT Distributor

Typical Senior and Executive roles we recruit for

Chief Executive Officer CEO, Managing Director, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Chief Operating Officer (COO), Chief Security Officer (CSO), Country Manager, Regional Manager, General Manager, Head of Development, Director of Sales, Marketing Director


Our vast experience and resources working with you.

Call us or leave a message today and let us help you find your next great hire.

Our clients find it refreshing that

  • We will thoroughly research their business, understand their culture, their business vertical and competition.

  • We will be genuine and knock back opportunities where we feel we cannot get the best result..

  • We exhaust every avenue to identify the best talent for the position; we can be innovative and creative in developing new sourcing strategies.

  • Only highly relevant screened candidates will be sent to you, not a flood of average matches.

  • It’s not about the fee but about delivering a successful contributing employee, a happy employee who is culturally matched and skills matched to your environment.

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