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2it Recruitment  for IoT Internet of Things 

2it Recruitment provides a strong specialisation in recruiting for the IoT industry. Recruiting for IoT roles requires a thorough understanding of the specific skills and knowledge needed for each position. It involves identifying candidates with expertise in areas such as embedded systems, network protocols, and data analytics. Our recruitment capability is facilitated through extensive market experience, partner channels, professional networks, and participation with educational institutions and industry associations.

Australia has a growing IoT industry with several companies actively involved in various aspects of R&D in IoT development and deployment. Here are some notable IoT companies from Australia:

  • Thinxtra: Thinxtra is an IoT network operator specializing in LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) technology. They offer IoT connectivity solutions and enable a wide range of applications, from asset tracking to smart agriculture.

  • Nanosatellite and Space Services (Nanosat): Nanosat is a company that focuses on IoT solutions for remote and regional areas using nanosatellite technology. They provide connectivity for IoT devices in areas where traditional networks may not be available.

  • Elanation: Elanation is known for its IoT products in the health and fitness space. They develop smart wearables and apps designed to encourage physical activity and wellness, especially for children.

  • Meshed: Meshed is an Australian IoT company that offers end-to-end IoT solutions, including hardware, software, and connectivity services. They work on smart city projects, environmental monitoring, and other IoT applications.

  • Morse Micro: Morse Micro is a semiconductor company based in Sydney that focuses on ultra-low-power Wi-Fi chips for IoT devices. Their technology aims to extend the battery life of IoT devices while maintaining reliable connectivity.

  • CASA Systems (NetComm Wireless): Casa specializes in developing IoT devices and solutions, including industrial-grade modems, routers, and gateways. They serve various industries, such as agriculture, healthcare, and industrial automation.

  • REMONDIS Australia: REMONDIS is involved in the waste management industry and has incorporated IoT technology into their waste collection and recycling processes. They use sensors and data analytics to optimize waste collection routes and improve recycling efficiency.

  • Myriota: Myriota is an Adelaide-based company that provides satellite-based IoT connectivity. They offer a low-cost, low-power solution for IoT devices in remote and challenging environments.

  • Tommie: Tommie specializes in IoT solutions for agriculture, with a focus on precision farming and livestock monitoring. They provide farmers with data-driven insights to optimize their operations.

  • Laava Smart Lighting: Laava Smart Lighting develops IoT-enabled lighting solutions for commercial and industrial spaces. Their products offer energy-efficient lighting with smart controls for customization and optimization.

These Australian IoT companies are contributing to the growth of IoT technology and applications not only in Australia but also globally. They cover a wide range of industries and offer innovative solutions for various IoT use cases.

The Internet of Things (IoT) market has been experiencing significant growth and evolution in recent years, with various aspects including IoT device development, IoT networks, protocols, software, major vendors, and emerging players.

IoT Device Development: IoT device development has become more accessible and diverse. Companies are focusing on creating devices that cater to specific use cases and industries, such as smart homes, industrial automation, healthcare, and agriculture. Key engineering roles 2it Recruitment look for in this area include:

  • Embedded Systems Engineer: Responsible for designing and developing the hardware and software that run on IoT devices.

  • Hardware Engineer: Involved in designing the physical components of IoT devices, including sensors, microcontrollers, and communication modules.

  • Firmware Engineer: Develops the software that enables IoT devices to perform their intended functions.

  • RF Engineer: Specializes in radio frequency technology, crucial for wireless communication in IoT devices.

IoT Networks: The rollout of IoT networks has been instrumental in expanding IoT's reach. Technologies like 5G, LoRaWAN, Sigfox, Swarm and NB-IoT provide various options for connectivity. Roles in network management 2it Recruitment look for include:

  • Network Architect: Designs the IoT network infrastructure and ensures scalability and reliability.

  • Network Engineer: Implements and manages the IoT network, including provisioning and troubleshooting.

IoT Protocols: IoT relies on a variety of protocols for data transmission and communication, including MQTT, CoAP, and HTTP. Protocol development and management roles 2it Recruitment look for include:

  • Protocol Engineer: Specializes in creating and optimizing communication protocols for IoT devices.

  • IoT Security Engineer: Focuses on securing IoT communications and data against cyber threats.

IoT Software: IoT software plays a critical role in data visualization, device management, and analytics. Roles in IoT software development we recruit for encompass:

  • Software Developer: Creates applications and platforms for IoT data visualization, analytics, and control.

  • IoT Platform Architect: Designs the infrastructure for managing and processing IoT data.

  • Data Scientist: Utilizes IoT data to derive insights and make data-driven decisions.

  • IoT DevOps Engineer: Manages the deployment and continuous integration of IoT software solutions.

Major Vendors: Prominent companies in the IoT space include:

  • Cisco: Offers IoT networking solutions and platforms.

  • IBM: Provides IoT data analytics and cloud services.

  • Microsoft: Offers Azure IoT solutions for device management and data analytics.

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS): Provides IoT services and cloud computing infrastructure.


Emerging Vendors: Several startups and emerging vendors are introducing innovative approaches to IoT:

Particle: Focuses on IoT hardware development and connectivity solutions.

  • Losant: Offers an IoT platform for data visualization and device management.

  • Helium: Utilizes a decentralized network approach for IoT connectivity.

  • IoTium: Specializes in secure network infrastructure for industrial IoT.


Sales and Operational Roles: In addition to technical roles we specialise in IoT companies requiring 2it Recruitments expertise in sales and operational positions, including:

  • IoT Sales Manager: Responsible for selling IoT solutions to clients and partners.

  • IoT Project Manager: Manages the execution of IoT projects and coordinates cross-functional teams.

  • IoT Product Manager: Oversees the development and lifecycle of IoT products.

  • IoT Operations Manager: Ensures the smooth operation of IoT networks and systems.

2it Recruitment has been recruiting for engineering, sales and operational roles in the IoT sector for more than 15 years.  Our strong expertise involves assessing candidates' industry knowledge, communication skills, and business acumen. Building a diverse and skilled workforce is crucial for success in the rapidly growing IoT market.


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