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We say we are Refreshingly Different but what does that mean?

A common feedback from candidate interactions is that there is a refreshing difference in the way we interact with them, comparatively to experiences that they have had with other recruitment agencies.

  • We take the call and talk with candidate enquiries; we don’t just hide behind emails or voicemail.

  • We are honest with the candidate on whether we feel they are appropriate for the role.

  • We try to add value to every candidate giving them genuine advice on their career, improving their CV or presentation tips, improving their employment chances even if we are not in a position to help them for the particular opportunity they applied for.

  • We demonstrate a good knowledge of the role, what the client is really looking for in a candidate, our consultants tend to have a technical background so they genuinely understand the roles in which they recruit for, it’s not just keywords and a tick list.

  • We agree on a marketing strategy in advance with the candidate and gain their full permission before ever presenting their resume externally.

  • We keep them informed on the progress of their application and delays, there are no black holes.

  • When we negotiate on salaries we’ll be fair on the client and the candidate in their expectations, doing our best to achieve for them what we believe they are worth.

  • We’ll continue to follow the candidate into the placement ensuring they are succeeding in the new role and assisting them integrate.

  • Our candidates feel like they can have a relationship with us for their entire career.

passion to work.


Our candidates are our reputation, that’s why we choose them carefully.

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