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2it Recruitment for MSP's

2it Recruitment are a specialist provider of recruitment solutions and professionals to the Australian MSP industry. Technology skills shortages have driven the need for MSPs that can step in and do more of the work that clients can't.

The market outlook for Australian Managed Service Providers (MSPs) is positive. MSPs are integral in bringing the skills and experience to guide and manage a technology strategy for their clients who are Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), nonprofits and government agencies.

With IT environments growing in complexity, security remaining a top concern, application modernisation continuing and the AI story evolving, the outlook for managed infrastructure providers seems good according to CRN Magazine Australia.

Ai for IT operations, or AIOps is predicted to be a major area of growth.

Hybrid working and the resulting cloud and network management performance and security requirements of customers have been key drivers of demand for managed network services.

Cybersecurity demand drivers continues to grow to encompass everything from critical infrastructure changes to proposed new privacy laws and penalties, AI and even Web 3 technologies. 

One of the biggest digital communication stories in recent years has been the widespread adoption of Modern Workplace and managed communications technologies such as Microsoft Teams.

MSP Markets:

  • Enterprise: Large corporations and multinational organizations with complex IT needs.

  • Government: Federal, state, and local government agencies that require secure and compliant IT solutions.

  • Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs): Small and medium-sized enterprises looking for cost-effective IT support and services.

2it Recruitment has considerable experience in recruiting engineering, operations and sales roles within the Managed Service Provider industry,

Sales, Operational, and Customer Service Roles in MSPs: Sales Roles:

  • Account Executives

  • Business Development Managers

  • Technical Account Manager

  • Sales Engineers

Operational Roles:

  • Operations Managers

  • Filed Services Manager

  • Project Managers

  • Service Delivery Managers

  • Procurement Specialists

Technical Roles

  • Project Engineer

  • Senior Systems Engineer

  • Systems Administrator

  • Network Engineer

  • Security Engineer

  • Comms Engineer

Customer Service Roles:

  • Helpdesk Technicians

  • Service Desk Engineers

  • Client Success Managers

Recruitment for MSP roles:  2it Recruitments experience in the Managed Services Provider industry ensures we can be valuable partners in identifying suitable candidates and assessing their qualifications.  


Our vast experience and resources working with you.

Call us or leave a message today and let us help you find your next great hire.

Our clients find it refreshing that

  • We will thoroughly research their business, understand their culture, their business vertical and competition.

  • We will be genuine and knock back opportunities where we feel we cannot get the best result..

  • We exhaust every avenue to identify the best talent for the position; we can be innovative and creative in developing new sourcing strategies.

  • Only highly relevant screened candidates will be sent to you, not a flood of average matches.

  • It’s not about the fee but about delivering a successful contributing employee, a happy employee who is culturally matched and skills matched to your environment.

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